Programme of Events 2018/19
(meetings every third Tuesday with exception of December)

16 January 2018 Poultry Matters and Catch Up
20 February 2018 Hats – Vivien Sheriff
20 March 2018 Annual General Meeting followed by ChickenAlia
17 April 2018 British Hen Welfare Trust
15 May 2018 Sicilian Buttercups – Richard Burford
19 June 2018 Annual BBQ and Fun Box Show
17 July 2018 Making things out of Pewter
21 August 2018 Nunton Farm Dairy – John Martin
18 September 2018 Severn Counties Foreign and British Birds – Fred Smith
16 October 2018 Members Box Show
20 November 2018 A DIY meeting this month, a chance to get to know other members
11 December 2018 Christmas Party – festive food and drink and a chance to relax! (Note: Second Tuesday in December)
15 January 2019 TBA
19 February 2019 Pecking Order – A flockumentary from New Zealand
19 March 2019 Annual General Meeting followed by ChickenAlia
Other Dates for your Diary
Southern Counties Auctions – Rare Breeds Poultry Auction – None until further notice

Meeting Format

We generally meet every third Tuesday of each month at 19-30 for 19-45 at the Radnor Hall, Bodenham, Nr. Salisbury, SP5 4EQ.  This venue is 2 miles south of Salisbury just off the Ringwood Road, A338. Refer to map.

We aim to start on time as the main speaker may have travelled some distance to speak to us.  Refreshment is available either during an interval or after the main speaker has delivered his/her presentation.  This is followed by a poultry matters forum  – a questions and answer session usually about bird  health, breeding and housing, but any subject matter can be covered, tapping on the wide knowledge of members.

We run an egg competition  (see under competitions) at most of our meetings and it is wise to come early to place your entries before the main speaker commences.  A raffle with members donations helps keep the club on a sound financial footing.

Coming up

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 19th February 2019 and is called ‘Pecking Order – A flockumentary from New Zealand’.

Avian Flu

Find the most up to date details at: and search for avian-flu

Hats and head pieces – February 2018

Vivien started her business, based in Downton, 15 years ago and it has grown massively over this time with many designs of hats and head pieces.  A lot of Vivien’s design inspiration involves feathers including pheasant and peacock.  Vivien brought along examples of her masterpieces and we had a chance to examine them and the intricate details of these lovely works of art.  These hats are worn all over the world at weddings and racing events including in the USA and Australia.

Poultry Matters – January 2018

Jim Butt, our chairman brought along some of his poultry and gave us a talk about them, sharing his knowledge and experience gained over many years.

My Poultry Hobby – November 2017

The talk this month was by one of our club members, David Jackson, who gave us an insight into his life of showing different animals.  It all started when he was a young boy when he won first prize in a pet show with a goldfish in a jam jar.  When he was older he moved onto breeding fish and showing them all over the country.  Guinea pig breeding and showing followed next and then there was Bonsai tree showing.  David gradually got into bigger things when he starting breeding and showing Shetland ponies.  Finally came the poultry interest and David breeds and shows Sebrights and Rosecombs and has won many prizes including best in show at the Bath and West.  David told us about how he does line breeding with the Sebrights to get the best birds.

Box Show – October 2017

The October meeting was the annual member’s box show which was judged by Mr Mike Hatcher.

This year a lot of birds have been moulting late so they are not ready for shows.  All birds were inspected prior to the show to make sure they were healthy by David Parsons, our poultry vet.

There were 16 entries in the box show including a chocolate Pekin, Barnevelder, Saxony duck, Maran, Brahma, Muscovy duck, Serama, Chinese goose, Cream Legbar, Belgian d’Uccle, Buff Orpington, Gold Sebright, Salmon Faverolle, Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Arucana and a turkey.

The winner was the Gold Sebright entered by Club Secretary, Hazel.

Heritage Turkeys – September 2017

Brenda Waterman of Heritage Turkeys in Dorset brought along a selection of turkeys and told us about the many myths that people believe about these prestigious birds.  Turkeys are not hard to keep and can be kept with other poultry with the right care and husbandry.  The old fashioned pure breed turkeys are in decline and there are very low numbers for some breeds.  We were all encouraged to consider helping maintain the pure breed numbers if able.  A turkey if attacked can loose its complete snood and a scab will form over the whole face for a temporary period while it heals.

Poultry Quiz – August 2017

David Parsons, poultry vet, set us a quiz of poultry questions of varying difficulty to test our knowledge.  It was very informative as we discussed the answers and everyone learnt a lot about poultry physiology and how eggs are produced.

Jim Butt’s life in poultry – July 2017

Jim gave us a talk about his life in poultry right from his first purchase of young chickens (many of which turned out to be cockerels!) through to the present day with his many assorted breeds.  It is always a pleasure to listen to Jim’s adventures and experience gained over many years.

BBQ – June 2017

We had lovely weather for a most enjoyable evening of a delicious supper and a chance for a good natter!