Internal Monthly Egg Show

An Egg Show is held at most of our meetings.  The exceptions, due to time and focus restraints,  are the AGM and summer and winter social events.  The Egg Show competition is just for fun – it’s all about achieving a near perfect shape, good colour and size to suit each class.  There is no obligation to enter all the classes or indeed enter at all, but the more you enter the more potential points you achieve.  Each competitors points are accumulated and at the AGM the Annual Cup is awarded to the member with the highest.  The cup is inscribed with the winners name and is retained until the next seasons winner is announced a year later.

The eggs are laid out in each category before the start of each meeting and are judged after the main speaker of the evening has concluded his demonstration, or lecture.  The points award system is: 1st place – 3 points; 2nd place – 2 points; 3rd place 1 point; Best in show on the day – 4 points.

The classes are:

1).  Bantam – individual egg;  plate of three eggs
2).  Large – individual egg;  plate of three eggs
3).  Any other individual egg (Waterfowl, Quail, Pheasant etc.)

Internal Monthly Egg Contents Show

The contents of competitors eggs are judged for appearance and colour.  A cup is awarded at the end of the season, inscribed and retained for a year by the member with the highest accumulated points.

The classes are:

4).  Single Bantam contents
5).  Single Large contents

Additional Internal Periodic Egg Competitions

These are held at the discretion of the organiser and advised in advance

6).  Best decorated/painted egg
7).  Best display of eggs on an Easter or Christmas theme.

Wessex Egg Show

This is an annual external competition held in Sutton Scotney, Hampshire,  involving a number of poultry clubs including our own.  The competition is run on similar lines to our own internal egg shows, but with more classes and a vastly greater number of eggs in competition for both personal and club glory.

Members Box Shows

There are two opportunities for members to show off the birds during the year.  The main event is the annual box show judged by a well known bird world personality.   Members birds are brought along to the meeting and pitted against each other until there is one left – the best in show.   The accolade of being “Best in Show” is all you need to put a smile on your face.

In 2022, under restrictions from DEFRA/APHA banning all poultry gatherings, the box show entries were by photograph, and the judging by the members present. The poultry gathering ban was lifted on 23 Aug 2023 replaced by a “General licence for gatherings. The ban on gatherings of ducks, geese and swans remains in force (March 2024). The Oct 2024 Box Show was again a photographic competition, judged by members. The possibility of bringing along poultry (no ducks, geese or swans) for the Oct 2024 Box Show remains under consideration.

The second opportunity is at the annual BBQ meeting. Each member may bring along one bird and during the evening members vote for their favourite. Unfortunately, due to the DEFRA gatherings ban, this did not happen in 2023. This is under consideration for 2024.

External Bird Shows and Exhibitions

The club does not involve itself in the competitive showing of birds externally to our own club activities, but members are encouraged to take their competitive spirit into the outside poultry world.  Advice and help will be freely given to those wishing to take part and win personal distinction.  Despite not taking part in external poultry show competitions we do exhibit birds at selected local country shows to promote our club.