Programme of Events 2024/2025

 16 Apr 2024 Learn all about our local manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of animal feeds – Henry Cole and Co Ltd.
 21 May 2024 Cluck ‘n’ Chat – Don’t count your chickens……
 18 June 2024  Summer BBQ
 16 July 2024
 20 Aug 2024 Cluck n Chat
 17 Sept 2024 Member’s Box Show
15 Oct 2024 The story of K & H Falconry – with services including wildlife management
19 Nov 2024 Member’s Talk
10 Dec 2024 Christmas Meeting
21 Jan 2025
18 Feb 2025
18 Mar 2025 AGM followed by ChickenAlia Auction

Meeting Format

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month (except for December when it is the second Tuesday) at 19-30 for 19-45 at the Radnor Hall, Bodenham, Nr. Salisbury, SP5 4EQ.  This venue is 2 miles south of Salisbury just off the Ringwood Road, A338.

We aim to start on time as the main speaker may have travelled some distance to speak to us.  Refreshment is available either during an interval or after the main speaker has delivered his/her presentation.  This is followed by a poultry matters forum  – a questions and answer session usually about bird  health, breeding and housing, but any subject matter can be covered, tapping on the wide knowledge of members.

We run an egg competition  (see under competitions) at most of our meetings and it is wise to come early to place your entries before the main speaker commences.  A raffle with members donations helps keep the club on a sound financial footing.

Coming up

The next meeting is on TONIGHT, Tuesday 21st May 2024, and will be a Cluck ‘n’ Chat about incubating and hatching.

Avian Flu

Find the most up to date details at: and search for avian-flu

March 2024 – AGM and ChickenAlia Auction

Winner of Best Egg and Best Contents was awarded to Helen Mullens at last night’s AGM. This is the second successive Best Egg and sixth successive Best Contents win for Helen – congratulations Helen!

Our members need to bring along their eggs to the monthly competition to see if they can beat Helen’s entries.

The next egg show will be at our meeting on 16th April 2024!

The AGM was followed by the ChickenAlia Auction. Here are some fun facts from this auction….

February 2024

This evening, 20th Feb 2024, was a joint presentation by Anita and David Parsons. Firstly we learned about Anita’s anatomically accurate croched poultry – lots of different poultry breeds all finished to perfection. Secondly, David introduced us to the complexities of his thermal imaging camera and talked us through examples of how this can be used as a diagnostic tool.

January 2020 -Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

Laura Ractliffe came and gave us a very interesting talk about the work of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) which is the oldest farming charity.  RABI provide financial support to people in the farming community who find themselves in difficulty and even run two care homes.

November 2019 – Members Box Show

Mr Mike Hatcher returned and judged the members box show.  Mile said he would attempt to educate and entertain us and he certainly did that.  There were 14 entries small and large with the overall winner being a superb large Light Sussex hen.

August 2019 – Poultry Supplies

We had a very interesting talk by Fiona about the supplies she sells from her company FMB Poultry; this includes Borotto incubators and Androlis which is a biological control treatment for the dreaded red mite that lives in poultry housing.  Androlis consists of predatory mites which were originally found in sparrow nests, naturally protecting the birds from external parasites.  The Androlis mites eats the red mites and as they crawl into all the nooks and crannies there is no where for the red mites to hide and they are killed.